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  Featured products
Modular radio

Long range
1 and 4 circuits

Digital LCD Timer

ON-delay, Repeat cycle,  Interval, ON OFF-delay
Migro Smart plc controller
AIR Flow Switch

Liquid Flow Switch

The corrosion resistant flow switch is mounted in a weatherproof box . Vane is field trimmable
365-Day - Timer  

1  or 2 Circuits
3 Pole- 20 or 30 Amp 120/208/240/277/480V
Wireless control systems
Heavy Duty long range radio

7 Miles (11 Km) line of sight,
3000 feet (900 m) obstructed. 
Optional <20 Miles (30 Km) los
Dry contact input and relay outputs
Operation 27 MHz digital encoded
With status and data supervision
Solar Ready 12VDC

Command Wireless I/O

Command operation Manual or Automatic, Critical Application with supervision.

Pumps, Conveyors, Gates
Wireless process


Wireless System with feedback

Bi directional TWO-WAY radio control
1000 ft in plant, obstructed
3 Miles long range line of sight

Discrete signals in/out
Option NEMA3R aluminum enclosure
or NEMA 4X  non metallic enclosure
For: PLC i/o remote process control
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